What is the Mysterium Node Pilot?

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Through our Mysterium Node Pilot, we invite and incentivise a global community to help us with testing a product that needs to operate in a home environment (hence multiple edge cases).

This R&D initiative will help us with rigorous feedback loops and fixing bugs as we go to market with our Raspberry Pi, Mac and Windows products.

What we are trying to achieve

Managing Expectations — Only nodes directly contacted by Mysterium to join our pilot will earn.

Simply signing up for the Node Pilot does not guarantee any earnings.

We have specific criteria which you must meet in order to be accepted into the pilot program. This criterion may evolve depending on how the product and business are performing due to market inputs or technological challenges.

We are selecting nodes for our closed pilot based on their prior performance within the network, so we encourage you to run a stable node and wait to hear from us.

By taking part in the Mysterium Node Pilot you will become one of the pioneers of web 3. You will also be first in line for paid traffic as we onboard B2B partners and bring income into the network.

Current Terms for Node Pilot

The Mysterium Node Pilot helps us with testing our software within home environments. One of our goals as an organisation is to build a global network of residential IPs.

The next step for us is to test how our nodes work in the US, UK, Canada, Germany and Italy. These are high-value nodes for entertainment and unblocking purposes, a use case that we are focusing on.

With this in mind, we’re making some refinements to the terms of our Node Pilot.

How much can you earn?

By running a Mysterium node you can earn up to $50 worth of ETH per month and $600 per year!

We will calculate your bandwidth contributions by an hourly rate with a minimum payout from $5 per month. (Please note the minimum reserved upload speed for the device is 5 Mbps)

* 0 – 30 days: (0 – 720 hours): $0.07 p/h

Anything under $5 will be transferred to the next month cumulatively and paid out when you reach at least $5.

You can see your stats on our Testnet.

Are you in the US, UK or Canada? Run a Mysterium Node on Raspberry Pi.


Referral Program

We’ve also just rolled out a node referral program for the UK, where you can earn even more ETH by introducing new nodes to our network.

Create your referral code, and reach out directly to sharmini@mysterium.network to find out how you can start onboarding nodes and educating your local community about decentralization.

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Connect with our project

Please be sure to follow and subscribe to the following:

Website — https://mysterium.network
Twitter — https://twitter.com/MysteriumNet
Telegram — https://t.me/Mysterium_Network
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Facebook — https://www.facebook.com/MysteriumNet
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Please join the Telegram groups most relevant to you and engage with our team. We want to hear from you.

English — https://t.me/Mysterium_Network

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Announcements — https://t.me/MysteriumOfficialAnnouncements

Node Testing — https://t.me/mysterium_network_nodes

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русский / Russian https://t.me/mystRU

Español / Spanish — https://t.me/mysterium_network_espanol

And finally, if you’d like to see more of these types of updates give us some claps and let us know.

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