We’re updating the node bounty payment schedule. 

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We have an important update regarding our Mysterium Node Bounty Program.

Starting from July, we are switching our weekly bounty payouts to monthly payouts. 

Monthly bounties will begin from the 1st of July to 30th and run until September. Payments will be automatically distributed at the beginning of each month for the previous month.

Everything else about our bounty program stays the same.

How much can I earn running a Mysterium Node?
Nodes will still receive the same reward amount – a minimum of $40 worth of ETH per month ($10 per week). 
Plus, if you’re a Top 10 performing node, you will receive an additional $10, making your monthly payout $50 worth of ETH!

Who can participate?
Bounties are currently available for anyone from the US, UK, Germany and Italy. 
We’re working hard to include other countries over the following months. 

To earn a bounty, you must fulfill the following minimum requirements:
– 16 hours of daily availability (your node must be switched on and running for this amount of time)
– 10 GB of data transferred 
– Minimum 10 Mbps bandwidth speed 

We will be providing more details over the coming weeks, but feel free to reach out if you have any questions. 
Learn how you can become a Mysterium Node here.
P.S: We’re rolling out a node referral program in the next few weeks. If you’re in the UK, Germany or Italy we want to hear from you.

Reach out directly to sharmini@mysterium.network to find out how you can earn by onboarding nodes and educating your local community about decentralization.

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Team Mysterium 

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