Earn $600 per year in ETH for renting your spare bandwidth

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Mysterium Node Pilot Update [August 2019]

We have some exciting news about our Bounty Program.

We listened to your feedback and have changed our node criteria.

Starting from today, August 1st, we will no longer have minimum availability requirements for running a node!

Rent your spare bandwidth whenever it suits you, for however long you’d like, and still earn ETH! (And in case you haven’t yet, read our guide to being a Mysterium Node.)

How much can you make? 

By running a Mysterium node you can earn up to $50 worth of ETH per month and $600 per year!

We will calculate your bandwidth contributions by an hourly rate with a minimum payout from $5 per month. (Please note the minimum reserved upload speed for the device is 5 Mbps)

* 0 – 30 days: (0 – 720 hours): $0.07 p/h

Anything under $5 will be transferred to the next month cumulatively and paid out when you reach at least $5.

You can see your stats on our Testnet.

Who can participate?

Bounties are currently available for anyone from the US, UK, Germany, and Italy. We’re working hard to include other countries over the following months. 

Mysterium Referral Program

We’ve also just rolled out a node referral program for the UK, where you can earn even more ETH by introducing new nodes to our network. 

Create your referral code, and reach out directly to sharmini@mysterium.network to find out how you can start onboarding nodes and educating your local community about decentralization.


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Team Mysterium

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