Windows and Mac Node installation instructions

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Install Windows or Macbook VPN to run your Mysterium node

  1. Begin by downloading the file – MysteriumVPN MAC / MysteriumVPN WIN
  2. Install MysteriumVPN.
  3. Start Mysterium VPN.
  4. Accept our terms and conditions in the app.
  5. Choose on the top a button “Run Service”. There you can choose whitelisted or All Traffic and press a button “Start service”. You can always check your active connections on our testnet.
  6. To look up your Mysterium ID and Add your ETH wallet, on the top right corner you will find a button “ID“.

Bellow Start/Stop service button you can press “View dashboard” and find your node in testnet.
Or, you can do this by copying your ID and pinging the URL: [your ID here] /Openvpn

If you are able, to check your node and you will notice “Connecting…” and no changes happening, please report this to our Mysterium Node Testing channel. We will help you as this issue comes from the router.

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