Censorship-free internet for all

Mysterium is building a decentralised P2P VPN and other tools that allow you to browse the internet freely, earn by sharing your connection, and build censorship-resistant applications.

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Censorship free
internet for all 🌍

Mysterium builds tools that allow you to browse freely, earn by sharing your connection, and build censorship resistant applications.

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Help open up the internet for all – and get paid for it.

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Founded on a distributed node network, run by people all over the world.

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Build applications that bypass censorship with our global pool of residential IPs.

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dVPN vs Tor vs VPN

Looking to dive deeper? Check out a more detailed comparison between these technologies. We compare dVPNs, Tor and VPN.

Benefits of Mysterium Network

VPN service

Privacy meets P2P VPN. Work with us to redefine what it means to be connected through people-powered protocols.

1000s of residential IPs across the globe

Our global residential IP node network lays the groundwork for all kinds of world-first distributed services to be built on top of it.

Building blocks for the Internet

Our digital society deserves internet infrastructure that is universally accessible, free market and secure.

Security for Web 3 and beyond

No central points of failure or control. Explore every dimension of the web safely and anonymously.

Open source
& grassroots

Collaborative and community-driven from Day One. Our technology is built on principles of transparency and freedom.

Join the bandwidth marketplace

Run a node from your own home and get paid to share your excess internet resources with those who need it.

Network Statistics

Anyone with an internet connection can join the Web 3 movement.
Easily set up a node and sell your spare bandwidth in our P2P marketplace.

Traffic served monthly
Traffic served



Why build on Mysterium Network?

Unlock any service within your app

Full access to the Internet = maximum user experience. Find out why distributed networks are the next generation of the Internet.

Build a VPN service without a system administrator

Plug into Mysterium’s pool of residential IPs with built in discovery, accounting and automation.

Enhance your security & encryption

Built in traffic slicing for automagic unblocking. Pay only for what you use. Our network is built on the OpenVPN and WireGuard© encryption protocols.

How does Mysterium work?

Mysterium Network is a P2P VPN. You pay to use a node’s IP and appear as though you are accessing services from a different geo-location from yours.

Mysterium also keeps your traffic away from prying eyes.

Mysterium allows you to geo-spoof so that you are able to access the open internet.
Mysterium encrypts your traffic using OpenVPN and Wireguard® protocols. Socks5 currently in R&D.
Mysterium Network is a community of netizens who rent their residential IPs.
Appear to services like you’re in the USA, while surfing the web in Russia.
Users browsing the web without VPN protection leave themselves open to getting hacked.
Without secure communications protocols your personal and browsing data is readily available to hackers.
Services on the internet see your geo-location, which means you won’t be able to access content blocked in your region.

The world's first, decentralised VPN (dVPN)

🔓 any service with Mysterium Network

Trustless technology for Web 3

Our network is made up of residential IPs. Mysterium nodes are run in homes and offices around the globe.

Distributed infrastructure, decentralised logs

Now everyone says no logs, but do they mean no logs? Don’t trust. Verify.

Crypto VPN

Pay per Gigabyte with micropayments

With Hermes protocol, we introduce micropayments for all users. Currently integrated with Ethereum and Polygon networks.

Access what you want, when you want it

Mysterium VPN is your gateway to the borderless Internet. Get your digital passport today.

Crypto VPN

Trustless technology for web 3

Mysterium Network is made up of residential IPs. Mysterium nodes are run in homes, offices and cell phones across the globe.

Distributed infrastructure, decentralised logs

Now everyone says no logs, but do they mean no logs? Don’t trust. Verify.

Micropayments so you pay per Gigabyte

With Hermes protocol, we introduce micropayments to Mysterium Networks. Currently in test net.

Access what you want, when you want it

Mysterium dVPN is your gateway into the free unbordered Internet. Get your passport today.

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