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Your coolest new raspberry pi project – Mysterium Node

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cool new raspberry pi projects

ماهي العُقدة في شبكة مستيريوم؟

Mysterium Network is building a distributed VPN network. Have a raspberry pi lying around your home? Looking for cool raspberry pi projects? Well, this one of the coolest raspberry pi projects you could run. When you run a Mysterium Node on Raspberry pi, what you are doing is renting your bandwidth with a global network of users. We’re decentralising the internet architecture for a censorship-free world for all, one node at a time. Join us.

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Install the prebuilt Raspberry image to run your Mysterium node

  1. Download the image directly form “” (look for latest release and expand “Assets)
  2. Write an image to the SD card (macOS):

●  Download balenaEtcher tool for SD hard flashing

●  Connect your SD card to your computer

●  Open balanaEtcher, select your image (mystberry.img) and install. This should take 2­-3min.

      3. Setup Raspberry Pi in the following order:

  1. Insert the microSD card into your Raspberry Pi
  2. Connect Ethernet cable
  3. Connect power source

To find out your Raspberry Pi local IP address (you have to be in the same network):

  1. Download free LanScan app for macOS. For windows, you can use any other lanscan app.
  2. Start LanScan and search for Vendor “Raspberry Pi Foundation”
  3. Copy/paste the IP address
  4. Open Google Chrome and paste “yourIPadress:4449”
  5. You will be asked to type in name and password:

Name: myst
Password: mystberry

Get started -> Provide VPN -> Start service

  1. You can view and add all needed information in this Client System program, such as your Myst ID, ETH wallet address and referral code (if you have been referred by someone).

That’s it! You should be up and running with your cool raspberry pi project! For help on setting up your node, please join our Telegram group.

For more support and help, check out