Mysterium Network FAQ

What is Mysterium Network?

Mysterium Network aims to be fully decentralized, peer to peer based and serverless VPN  node network, designed to provide privacy restoring techniques to its users and financial incentivization to its node operators (providers).

How Mysterium Network is different from other VPN providers?

Mysterium Network will work by utilizing blockchain technology such as Ethereum, smart contracts advancing their features with state-channels and evolving mechanisms of promises, combined with censorship evasion protocols developed by the community acting as applications of the network.

When will I be able to use Mysterium Network?

Development of Mysterium Network is spread out into distinct phases starting with Phase I and Phase II. Each phase is further divided into several internal stages.

How do I run Mysterium VPN Node?

Please refer to Users will be able to run Mysterium VPN nodes on any OS with Docker. As an alternative users will be able to set up VPN node using .deb packages on Debian or Ubuntu.

What if someone misuses my VPN Node network?

Mysterium will deploy technological and legal means to make sure node operators are safe:

  • We will implement an ingrained reputation & trust mechanisms (based on Registered Identities defined in whitepaper)
  • We will develop a traffic routing mechanism which would combine splitting request data through different nodes and changing the end-to-end circuit between requests.
How much will Mysterium cost per month or per mb of bandwidth for the end user?

Cost of Mysterium services will be defined by the node operators. Since this will create a phenomenon known as ‘perfect competition’ – we expect prices to be significantly lower than of current VPN providers.

What is MYST?

MYST holders will be able to use Mysterium Network, either as VPN clients or running VPN Node.

When will MYST become transferable?

Estimated time when MYST Token becomes transferable is two weeks after the Token Creation event ends.

If I use MYST, how it will work?

MYST tokens will work as access token to Mysterium Network. In the later stages of Mysterium Network development, we envision a possibility to accrue commision payments for token holders, eg. for VPN services provided.

Is there a lock-up for Founders tokens?

Yes, Founder’s lock-up is 12 months.

Is there a lock-up for Seed round investors?

Seed investor 1x return coins will distributed after Token Creation event, with other part will be locked for 12 months.