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General questions

What is Mysterium Network?

Mysterium Network is a network of nodes providing security and privacy to Mysterium end users. The first application of this is Mysterium VPN.

Combining powerful encryption, reputation mechanisms and layered protection protocols our ambition is to build an infinitely scalable P2P architecture which becomes the privacy layer for the web of the future.

We are building a Node Network eco system. We have created a Node image for best hardware, to be ran on Raspberry Pi. You can get a Raspberry Pi, and start earning money while you sleep!

What is a VPN?

A VPN is a virtual private network which allows you to proxy your encrypted traffic through multiple IP addresses so that your entry and exit points cannot be connected with each other.

How is Mysterium VPN different from other VPN service providers in the market?

We are building our architecture with decentralisation at the core. The end goal is that no single node has access to who you are and where your traffic is being directed.

This differentiates us from centralised VPN providers in the market. Check out our GitHub (We’ve got an A+ Rating by Go Report Card).

How is Mysterium Network different from other blockchain solutions addressing privacy and security issues?

We believe there are many smart ways to solve the global privacy and security problems. There are other blockchain projects in this space and we are sure and that each player will find market share.

In the meanwhile, we are focused on building our Node Network with Raspberry Pi, which is our most stable node. Join our testing program or run a Mysterium Node.

What is Mysterium Protocol?

If Mysterium Network is an ecosystem of nodes and users of bandwidth, Mysterium Protocol is governance of how this network of Node Runners and end users:

  1. Enter and exit the network

  2. Deal with data encryption, shredding and transfer.

We are currently developing our Node on Raspberry Pi hardware and building node network. Certain countries can join Mysterium Bounty Pilot for testing purpose and already earn money!

How can I use Mysterium VPN?

You can press Download on the top right corner in our Web.

You can use VPN on your Android, Mac and Windows.

Does Mysterium Network run on the Ethereum blockchain?

Transactions within Mysterium Network will be settled on the Ethereum blockchain. Mysterium Network itself will be made up of Node Runners who provide bandwidth to end users.

How do I mine / stake MYST tokens?

You don’t. There is no mining of MYST tokens in a traditional sense as total supply isn’t going to be increasing. You earn MYST tokens by providing bandwidth as a Mysterium Node Runner.

While we don’t do staking, we are exploring Mysterium Identities within the network. Creating a Registered Identity (or account) will require a minimum amount of MYST.

What is a Mysterium Node Runner?

Node Runners on Mysterium Network will earn MYST tokens in exchange for providing bandwidth to end users.

Currently, we are paying out in ETH, as Mysterium Network payment system is still in progress, you can check our Github for more info!

How will tokenomics work within Mysterium Network?

We are completely rethinking privacy as a foundational piece of web 3.0 architecture with Mysterium Network.

Mysterium Network acts as a marketplace. It is open source software which allows anyone to join the network both as a:

  1. Node Runner: Seller of unused network traffic

  2. Customer: Buyer of VPN service from Mysterium Node Runners

Node Runners earn MYST tokens for bandwidth services.

How much will Mysterium VPN cost per month or per MB of bandwidth?

With Mysterium Network – we are aiming for ease of adoption.

For this we are looking at several means by which we can reduce friction in the usage cycle:

  • Subscription Model
    We see that dApp adoption rates are low. For this, we will look for Fiat on and off ramps which help streamline the adoption of our VPN application and Mysterium Network. We will be price competitive within markets we enter.

  • Gamification

    You don’t need multi-hop level security all the time. Making these concepts accessible through gamification we will help our users identify the best type of VPN service for their objective, and keep fair price competition.

We expect that there will be several answers to these questions and invite you to help us build out the ecosystem.

How do I store MYST Tokens?

MYST is an ERC20 token and can be stored in any Ethereum Address. This means you can store your MYST tokens on both MyEtherWallet or Ledger/ Trezor hardware wallets.

What are some uses cases for Mysterium Network?

We often talk about VPN as a use case, and while we are busy focused on this as our first product – this is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to applications for Mysterium Network and Protocol.

Potential use cases for Mysterium Network:

  1. Internet of Things

  2. Secure chat applications

  3. Content delivery platforms

  4. E-commerce

  5. And so much more…