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Make your business better.

A residential proxy network you can call your own.

Mysterium’s local proxies are open for business. Plug into our residential IP network and watch your business grow with unlimited connections.

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Residential IPs mean quality connections

Mysterium is more than a proxy farm. We champion quality over quantity – you don’t need access to millions of data center IPs, constantly rotated and blocked. Our real residential IPs are offered by real people, using mostly LAN-connected devices such as Raspberry Pi’s.
That means stable, fast and uninterrupted connections.


Bypass geoblocks every time

With Mysterium’s home-run proxies, your customers can easily skirt around geo-restricted content. They get full access to streaming services worldwide, giving them a truly local browsing experience.

A homegrown community

All of our IPs are ethically acquired and 100% genuine. Our community trusts us, fully understanding how their IP contributions are used (and rewarded) via our internet resource marketplace.


As global as the open internet

Mysterium is one of the fastest growing distributed networks in the world. Our IPs are spread across every continent, with a high concentration of proxies based in the most popular regions. Your traffic will always flow no matter what time of day or night.

Tech experts and users trust MysteriumVPN

“Installed in a split second. Connected to an IP instantly and stayed connected. Works exactly as a stated it would. Very easy to use interface. This is a professional grade application.Highly recommend this VPN app.”

Ohio BitcoinUser; Google Play Review

“The app is very easy to use and works effectively. I'm located in Canada and had no issues connecting to various servers.”

Bobak BeheshtiUser; Google Play Review

“I believe in a less restrictive internet where governments or ISPs are not the withholder of information. This seems to be even more important in current times where citizens risk being forcibly detained because they are trying to spread information to the rest of the world but are being tracked online by their government.”

Soviet SquirrelNode Runner