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MysteriumVPN the best VPN for you

Freedom you can rent by the minute

Your lifetime subscription to anonymity

Pay as you go

Pay as you go

Pay with crypto

Pay with crypto


Peer to Peer

Open Source

Open source

Why Mysterium VPN

Why is MysteriumVPN the best VPN for you?

Pay as you go VPN

- Stream, connect, share and socialise by the second.
- Switch on and off whenever you need. Only pay for what you actually use.
- No contracts, no subscription, no locked-in costs.

Pay with cryptocurrency

- Use money that’s as untraceable and uncensorable as your browsing habits.
- Use crypto and pay for your privacy the anonymous way.

Global entertainment at your fingertips

Global & distributed node network

- Forget giant servers and third party businesses. Mysterium Network plugs you into a global distributed residential IP pool. That means we can’t track or store logs of your traffic, even if we’re asked to.
- It’s peer to peer (P2P) privacy without centralised entities.

Open-source with nothing to hide

- Mysterium is powered by transparent technology.
- Our code has been open-source since day one, so you can see just how powerful our encryption really is. (And verify our no logs claim).

Global & distributed node network
peer to peer

Finally, a VPN that's Peer to Peer

People helping people

We know that a free and open internet is a human right. That’s why Mysterium Network is powered by the very people who use it. We turn your spare internet into the world’s first decentralised VPN. Join a global community looking out for each other.

No centralised entity

- Our digital society deserves internet infrastructure that is universally accessible, free market and secure.
- Mysterium is building a platform that is truly distributed & permissionless, powered by you.

Improve your browsing experience with MysteriumVPN.

Choose the best privacy solution for you

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Tech experts and users trust MysteriumVPN

Star Ratings

“Installed in a split second. Connected to an IP instantly and stayed connected. Works exactly as a stated it would. Very easy to use interface. This is a professional grade application.Highly recommend this VPN app.”

Ohio BitcoinUser; Google Play Review

“The app is very easy to use and works effectively. I'm located in Canada and had no issues connecting to various servers.”

Bobak BeheshtiUser; Google Play Review

“I believe in a less restrictive internet where governments or ISPs are not the withholder of information. This seems to be even more important in current times where citizens risk being forcibly detained because they are trying to spread information to the rest of the world but are being tracked online by their government.”

Soviet SquirrelNode Runner
earn cryptocurrency

No lock-in pricing!

Unlike other VPN services that lock you into subscriptions, or provide a free service only to sell your data on to third parties – Mysterium dVPN is pay as you go. Try our service and only pay for what you use. Forever.