Senior backend developer

At Mysterium Network, we are seeking ways to extend our reach with secure, versatile, distributed VPN solutions. Candidates for this position should have an interest in designing and developing new VPN protocols producing cross-platform portable code in Go language.


  • Deep knowledge of TCP and UDP protocols

  • Skills of network performance analysis
  • Experience designing and implementing custom communication protocols over TCP and UDP
  • Excellent system programming and TDD skills
  • Clear understanding of network security issues
  • Ability to apply knowledge of security for protocol design
  • Fluency with Linux networking
  • Good written and interpersonal communication skills
  • Contributions to open-source projects or solve “Winter is coming” challenge

Extra bonus for

  • TCP/UDP and OS networking internals and zero-copy, low-latency networking code
  • Ability to analyze security on large scale systems

Interested? Shoot an email to shortly explaining why you’d be a great fit!