Every revolution now begins with a click.

Become a Mysterium Node

Help us build the new online era and earn ETH. Our node network is made up of everyday web users around the world - you can be one of them.

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The internet needs a makeover.

Become a Mysterium Node

Rent your bandwidth, earn ETH. Together we are building the world’s largest peer to peer network to power the Web 3. 


Why Run a

Mysterium Node?

Earn ETH while you sleep

You power the network by sharing your spare bandwidth and receive ETH.

Inbuilt trust & security

Safer traffic from known entities. Whitelisted traffic is pre-selected when you become a node. 

No technical skills required

Our app is user-friendly – just a few clicks to get you up and running.

Click on & off

Be a node whenever it suits you, even while you work or sleep.

Who can be a Mysterium Node?

Anyone with our app and an internet connection – can now be a part of the new Web 3.


Share your unused bandwidth without missing a beat. Giving back never felt so easy.

Stay at Home Moms & Dads

Make something extra on the side, no matter how time-poor or tech savvy you are.


Open up a second income stream – no contract needed. Our app works for you, while you get your work done.


Excited by decentralized pop-up economies? We bet you are. Sell bandwidth, get tokens.

What is a node?

In a distributed peer-to-peer network, a node represents a single device, such as a computer, which helps power and maintain that network. Each node voluntarily contributes its own resources, such as bandwidth or processing power, sharing it directly with the entire network without any kind of official host or authority needed.

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Forgot to earn while you sleep? No worries – screensaver will remind you. Easy to install and earn.