Setup wizard

Get your Mysterium node running

Get a RaspberryPi computer

Let’s get your started. First, you will need a RaspberryPi - a mini computer that is capable of running a Mysterium node. You can get it on the official RaspberryPi store.

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Download the software

Now it’s time to download your Mysterium Node.

Click the button below. This will initiate the download of image file for your Raspberry Pi.

Setup your RaspberryPI

Great! Let's prepare the device. You will need an SD card reader.

  1. Write image file to SD card:
    • Download and install Balena Etcher (tool for writing image files to SD cards)
    • Put RaspberryPI SD card into the card reader and connect to your computer
    • Run Balena Etcher, select you have downloaded, select SD card drive and write the image
  2. Put SD card into the RaspberryPI
  3. Connect internet cable to the RaspberryPI
  4. Connect power cable to the RaspberryPI


You’re nearly there. Now it’s time to claim your node on and start earning.

See you there!