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Sell unused bandwidth
from your home

Earn while you’re asleep by selling your unused bandwidth

We will only send you an invitation once you are shortlisted for the Mysterium Node Runner program. Check out our privacy policy.

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Plug and play

Download docker and you’re up and running. Alternatively, you can set up node testing using .deb packages on Debian or Ubuntu.


Join the movement

P2P architecture, reputation mechanisms and layered protection protocols to protect privacy globally.

Open source

Open source

We have been open source from day one. This means we have a growing open source community helping us secure and strengthen the network.

Become a Mysterium Node
from your home

Sell unused bandwidth and earn tokens.

We will only send you an invitation once you are shortlisted for the Mysterium Node Runner program. Check out our privacy policy.

What people are saying about Mysterium VPN

Tester (Iran)Mysterium VPN app tester

“I tested latest version in Iran, where the Internet censorship is intensive. I connected to Australia without any problem.”

Tester (China)Mysterium VPN app tester

“Tested, the advantage against DNS pollution is very strong.”

Tester (USA)Mysterion VPN app tester

“I usually get 30 to 50 down and 5 to 10 up on PIA with a 100 meg pipe. I now see 95.5 down and 10.5 up. I noticed the immediate speeds as i started to surf.”

Why decentralise Virtual Private Networks (VPN)?

We’re a decentralised virtual private network, which means that our architecture can’t actually keep logs of your traffic in the first place. Instead, your traffic data is distributed across the network with no single node having complete access to who you are, and what you are doing (coming soon).

This means when the authorities come knocking, we have nothing to show.

Centralised VPN

Centralised VPN

  • Focus on shareholders not end users (you)
  • Your private data in one hand
  • Single point of failure
  • Easy access to your data by 3’rd parties
  • High profit margins
Decentralised VPN

Decentralised VPN

  • Focus on Network participant (your) benefits
  • Your Private data is Decentralized
  • Obstructed access of your data for 3’rd parties
  • Perfect competition sets fair price


Will I need a static IP address to run a node?

Yes, you will need to have a static IP address for nodes. A domain is not needed as we don’t detect and use it in proposals. For nodes to operate you need a public IP address.

At our alpha testing phase we only support nodes operating in hosting servers (external IPs only).

How do I check that my node is working?

After your node IP gets whitelisted, you will the following result:

[Mysterium.api] Proposal registered for node:

The node (and identity) should be visible in

You will be able to test tunnel by installing mysterium-client package and use –cli for command like client.

Do I need to open some ports in my router?

Yes, if you’re running a node from your home you will need to forward required ports. You will need to open at least the 1194 (default OpenVPN) port.

You will also need to set up a forward rule into your local IP address where your node is running.