Can’t be censored.

Join Mysterium Network in making the internet accessible to all. We’re on the lookout for developers and entrepreneurs that want to put an end to internet censorship, data breaches and the abuse of individual’s digital rights.

Enter Mysterium Network’s “Can’t be censored” challenge by submitting an application that helps global citizens access the internet, no matter where in the world they are. Build on Mysterium Network and help us grow an ecosystem that’s for the people, by the people.

Start by chatting with our team about what you’d like to build. Jump into discord.

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We challenge you to uncensor the world.

We live in a world where the free flow of information is no longer a given. Let’s return to the initial promise of the internet by building Mysterium Network applications that can’t be censored.

$10,000 in cash prizes and experiences up for grabs.

iOS Challenge

First, check out our reference implementation on Android. Second – do the same, but for iOS. You will be judged on how easy the application is to use and how cohesively design elements work together.

Browser Plugin Challenge

Are you brave enough to tackle this one? Winning applications will not just contest, but combine current solutions in the market to give consumers a no-brainer privacy solution. Our current framework does not allow easy discovery of nodes and identification of the right node for proxying traffic, a winning solution will also solve this problem.

Android TV Challenge

Bring Mysterium Network to the big screen. This challenge seeks a layout adaptation of MysteriumVPN for television. Build an intuitive and polished Android TV Application so that users can flix and chill, forgetting they’ve got a VPN running in the background. Auto connectors should work conveniently with television controls

Or you can simply fork and adapt our android mobile app and make it work for Android TVs. 

Bitcoin’s Lightning Network Challenge

Help us make lighting network payments available on Mysterium Network so that VPN users can pay nodes in bitcoin as they go. Mysterium Accountant uses HTLC contracts which are compatible with ones used on Lightning Network. For this challenge a well thought through technical paper or minimal prototype could be enough to win.

Mystery Challenge

We’re all for freedom of speech so come up with an application that you think will best utilise Mysterium Network. Blow our minds, we can’t wait.

Now is the time for applications that can’t be censored.

Build an application that fits into one of the featured challenges.


2nd Place


1st Place


3rd Place x 3

Now is the time for applications that can’t be censored.

Build an application that fits into one of the featured challenges.


1st Place


2nd Place


3rd Place x 3


Apps submitted to the “Can’t be Censored” challenge should:

  • Integrate into Mysterium Network’s node network (Using node version no later than 0.22.0)
  • Be geared toward consumers. User experience will win here.
  • Support WireGuard service at the very least (bonus points for OpenVPN) for VPN/ proxy-based services.
  • Be downloadable and useable by the general public
  • Source code should be available to the general public
  • Be open source. The license should at the very least be compatible with Mysterium Network’s current license for our Node. It could be even more open and relaxed.

Here’s how you win bonus points:

  • A sexy user interface

  • Addition of service provider features – dual-mode which allows consumers to also run a service on a node

  • Integrations with other open-source projects to bring users added value from using your application

  • Distribution via an app store with more than 100 downloads.

  • Payments embedded (fiat on and off-ramps)

  • Maintainable code base

  • Clear and publically available documentation

  • A detailed “how-to” blog explaining how the project was built and including a tutorial for users.

  • If you choose to develop this as a business and have begun to earn income.