Senior mobile developer

Mysterium network is creating  decentralized VPN network with nodes distributed around the world. We actively work on our mobile applications as most of our users are mobile users. Soon we are going out of testing and we would like to make our mobile the world class level.

Join our global team.

Position description

  • Design and create mobile dVPN applications using leading standards
  • Create maintainable codebase which could be contributed by OpenSource community members
  • Collaborate with a team in solving problems
  • Contribute to mysterium node to update mobile related components (e.g. Android networking specifics)
  • Incorporate user feedback and constantly work on improving UX
  • Timely react to changing requirements

Required skills

  • Passion for OpenSource software projects
  • 5+ years of practical coding experience 
  • Native Android development experience and/or native iOS development at least 3 year of experience 
  • Love for unit tests with big coverage
  • Passionate about learning and encouraging others to learn about the latest tech and new ways of doing and approaching problems
  • Love for modern engineering: Github contribution, SOLID principles, Modularity, design patterns, etc.
  • Self-motivated, ambitious, flexible, self-sufficient and collaborative

Extra bonus for

  • Contributions to open source projects 
  • Knowledge of IP networking.
  • Backend development experience / ability to read and modify Golang code.
  • Experience in building RESTful web services.
  • Advanced degree (M.S., Ph.D.) in a relevant field

What we offer

  • Ownership of the area, freedom to experiment, opportunity to learn new things in the ever-developing field of web 3, blockchain, and privacy
  • Guidance from ambitious, open-minded professionals, eager to make a change in the world
  • Possibility to learn Golang
  • Remote or office it is your choice

Interested? Shoot an email to shortly explaining why you’d be a great fit!