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What should the open source developer community build around Mysterium Network?

What should the open source developer community build around Mysterium Network?

  1. We should begin with the obvious. VPN services.

    To gain mass adoption we will need to grow the number of end users and Node Runners using Mysterium Network. Mysterium VPN code is open source, so take it, rebrand it, enable different payment methods, and launch your own VPN app.

    All without deploying a single VPN node.

  2. Internet of Things

    IoT is coming sooner than we think. This opens up multiple potential security breaches in homes. We plan to work with IoT startups to help build security into web3. For example.: Personal VPN.

  3. Chat Apps

    We are currently on a lot of social media platforms, but for chatting we use Twitter, Telegram, and moving General group to Discord SOON!

  4. Content Delivery Platforms

    Content delivery platforms looking to offer a more seamless experience to their users can use Mysterium Network and Protocol to deliver their services while their users are travelling.

  5. Every other existing internet service…

Security and individual privacy wasn’t built into Web 2.0. We hope to build a decentralised secure network and protocol that is part of solving this problem.

Work with us.

What is a Mysterium Node?

On Mysterium Network each of our Node Runners are sellers of unused traffic. Mysterium Nodes will function as a decentralised network which end users can use to multi-hop and relay their traffic. Mysterium Node Runners will earn tokens in exchange for their bandwidth.

Currently we have Mysterium Bounty Pilot for testing purposes, where you can rent your unused bandwidth by starting a node on Windows, Mac or Raspberry Pi. In this pilot you will only have whitelisted traffic – Mysterium approved traffic going through your node.

How do I run a Mysterium Node?

Want to become a Mysterium Node Runner? Find out more.

Will I need a static IP address to run a node?

Yes, you will need to have a static IP address for nodes. A domain is not needed as we don’t detect and use it in proposals. For nodes to operate you need a public IP address.

To participate in Bounty pilot, you will have to set up on your Residential IP.

Will I be able to bypass China’s great firewall or similar with Mysterium Network?

Firewalls operate based on pattern recognition and identification. They scan network traffics for specific patterns comparing it against known patterns. At the moment, we are not providing this service, but it could be as future implementation that we will definately look at.

Could an internet service provider throttle internet speed of someone using Mysterium VPN?

Short answer, yes.

It is actually a common practice to throttle internet speed.

Throttling depends on limitations imposed by the ISPs. This can include criteria such as maximum data transferred, content being accessed (like video streaming, Netflix), torrent usage or malicious activity. The goal is not be classified under one of these categories.

Sometimes these criteria are defined by pressures of governments in certain jurisdictions. This is the case in China, Russia and other developing economies.

In other countries, like Africa global transit internet is expensive and throttling is mainly an economic measure.

Do you plan on adding multi-hop routing where the traffic is routed through multiple VPN nodes from different providers?

We are considering a traffic routing mechanism which would combine splitting request data through different nodes and changing the end-to-end circuits between requests. This is, of course subject, to how our technology and the wider market evolves.