The best things in life are free. Privacy should be one of them.

World’s 1st decentralized free VPN

Our VPN is our first Proof of Concept and flagship product. We’re proud to introduce this alpha running on the Ropsten test network – available on Mac, Windows and Android. Currently integrated OpenVPN & WireGuardⓇ.


Why decentralize a Virtual Private Network (VPN)?

While current VPNs offer online security, in may cases they still can – and do – maintain logs. Our decentralized architecture prevents us from doing any kind of logging. Instead, your traffic is distributed across the network, with no single node having the full picture of who you are or what you’re up to.

Centralized VPN

  • You pay for the VPN service

  • Keeps logged data in centralized servers, vulnerable to attacks
  • Single point of failure is a risk to the entire network
  • Provides third parties with easy, monetized access to your data
  • High-profit margins

Decentralized VPN

  • You get paid for being the VPN service

  • Decentralizes your data so your privacy is preserved
  • No single point of failure
  • Obstructed access to your data for any snooping third parties
  • Perfect competition sets a fair price for sharing your bandwidth


Why MysteriumVPN?


You power the network and are rewarded for it. Be part of a global community looking out for each other.


Be secure and anonymous wherever you go, whenever you need. You’re covered on Mac, Windows and Android. iOS coming soon.


Layered protection protocols built to protect any individual or organization. This ensures what you do online is nobody else’s business.

Safeguarding digital privacy

Be virtually invisible, even when using public wifi. Browse anonymously, with your identity and IP always hidden.

Unlimited Bandwidth

Most VPNs have data limits. With our pay per use model, you can stream, download and browse as much as you’d like by scaling up your bandwidth speed.

Built On Blockchain

We’re all about decentralization – no single points of attack or failure. Our network is run by and for the people.

No Logging

It’s impossible for us to store your data or log your traffic. Check out our privacy policy to learn why we can’t provide data to authorities, even if required to.

Mysterium ID

Soon, we’ll identify and block bad actors from our network through the use of registered identities and reputation system. Find out more.

Open Source

Transparent and collaborative – check out our codebase and help us BUIDL the next big thing in the Mysterium ecosystem.