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九月 20, 2021

$MYST now on PancakeSwap, the leading DEX for Binance Smart Chain

$MYST token is now listed on PancakeSwap. PancakeSwap is one of the leading Binance Smart Chain decentralized exchanges with up to $1 Bn daily trading volume. Enjoy low trading fees…
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九月 17, 2021

$MYST now live on Binance Smart Chain via AnySwap

Mysterium Network has partnered with AnySwap, so token holders can transfer MYST between the Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain networks. This cross-chain bridge is the first step in our plans…
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八月 19, 2021

The Crypto Game-Changer – Mysterium & 1xBit Link-Up

Even though more than half the world’s population is now online, geoblocking is still on the rise.  This widely accepted practice allows businesses or governments to restrict access to certain…
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八月 4, 2021

Say Hello to The New Mysterium Node Windows Installer

We're on a mission to make running a Mysterium Node as effortless and enjoyable as possible.  For every Windows user out there, we’ve just released a new installer which sets…
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七月 30, 2021

The Final Phase: Our Polygon x Pre-Mainnet upgrade, with 6 New Features

We’re just a matter of months away from our Mainnet launch.   As we enter this final pre-Mainnet phase, our current testnet will be upgraded, which requires a migration of…
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六月 28, 2021

Introducing $MYST Tokenomics 2.0, powered by the IQ Protocol

Like most decentralised projects, tokenomics has always played a crucial role in Mysterium Network.  Our utility token MYST is the reserve currency of our peer-to-peer bandwidth marketplace. Designed to fight…
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六月 2, 2021

Revealing Mysterium’s new VPN App for Mobile & Desktop

Time to Ghost the Internet Like it’s your EX   What’s better than a VPN?  A decentralised one that can do all of this: We’re excited to share with you…
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五月 13, 2021

Why Mysterium Champions Open-Source Software

In the past, great ideas were hoarded. People spent an incredible amount of time and resources protecting their intellectual property from "thought thieves". An idea was born, and kept safely…
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四月 28, 2021

Mysterium VPN launches on Linux

Mysterium has welcomed Linux to the family. The Linux package supports Debian systems (such as Ubuntu) via our VPN desktop app. This is a plug-and-play native app. It requires very…
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四月 9, 2021

Mysterium and Storj Labs Link the Decentralised Web Together

Mysterium and Storj collaborate to free the cloud through decentralized protocols Decentralisation of the web is a global movement. Much of our success relies on a shared vision and collaboration…
四月 8, 2021

$MYST now on QuickSwap! Discover the fastest, cheapest way to trade

$MYST token is now listed on QuickSwap. You can trade MYST with a number of coins and cryptocurrencies at a fraction of the cost and speed when compared to other…
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三月 15, 2021

Mysterium Network Product Updates – February 2021

Mysterium Network is building a decentralised VPN. Our global network is open, permissionless and distributed. Last year we focused on finetuning our node software, and understanding the dynamics of incentivised…
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三月 3, 2021

Testnet 1.0 ends as Testnet 2.0 unlocks new milestone

Following a successful migration to Testnet 2.0, we’re excited to announce that Mysterium’s Testnet 1.0 is being “switched off” forever. Our migration began earlier this year, but you can already…
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二月 25, 2021

Mysterium Residential IP bounty evolves as network grows

Mysterium Network is building a decentralised virtual private network (VPN). In the last few months we have transitioned from our Testnet 1.0 to Testnet 2.0. You can dive deeper into…
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一月 27, 2021

$MYST now listed on Bittrex Global

This listing is an exciting gateway to MYST and unlocks new liquidity for the entire Mysterium ecosystem.  Anyone holding MYST will now be able to receive and store their tokens…
一月 26, 2021

Testnet 2.0 is here – Ready for your all-crypto VPN?

Last month we shared details of Mysterium’s testnet upgrade, which came with some exciting new features and functionalities. We have been in stealth mode upgrading a small percentage of our…
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十二月 18, 2020

Mysterium Network Product Updates – November 2020

Mysterium Network is building a decentralised VPN. Our global network is open, permissionless and distributed. Last year we focused on finetuning our node software, and understanding the dynamics of incentivised…
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十一月 29, 2020

Matic Network powers Mysterium P2P payments

Are you ready for faster, cheaper dVPN transactions? Matic Network is making it happen for you!   We're excited to share that we've partnered with Matic Network. We're only weeks…
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十一月 20, 2020

How To Bypass Internet Shutdown

How does an internet shutdown work? And how do you bypass internet shutdowns? Learn about the different tools, platforms and software that will keep you online. Discover and download the…
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十一月 16, 2020

Time to migrate your MYST tokens

Mysterium Network has been hard at work building a decentralised VPN. To date, we have maintained an incentivised test network of residential IPs for over a year. Our next step,…
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十一月 13, 2020

Roadmap Update: no more free VPN, nodes get paid in $MYST

Has that gotten your attention?   Mysterium Network is maturing, alongside our wider ecosystem. With the freedom of speech online being debased, a global pandemic and other macro forces in…
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十一月 5, 2020

Layer 1, 2, 3 and beyond: The search for the cheapest and fastest microtransactions

Building on top of a quickly iterating Layer-2 scaling ecosystem has meant murky navigation of several new technologies. This is especially difficult for builders looking to find workarounds for high…
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十一月 3, 2020

Mysterium Network Product Updates – October 2020

Mysterium Network is building a decentralised VPN. Our global network is open, permissionless and distributed. Last year we focused on finetuning our node software, and understanding dynamics in incentivised networks.…
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十月 22, 2020

Introducing the dVPN Alliance

After months of planning and collaborating with Sentinel, we're excited to reveal the decentralized VPN (dVPN) alliance to the world. The new alliance is open to all Web 3 projects…
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十月 9, 2020

What is Mysterium BetaNet, and why you should join

We are fast approaching the official launch of Mysterium Network, a world first pay-as-you-go crypto VPN. But before that, we’ll bring you BetaNet. Read on and learn why...Mysterium is very…
九月 14, 2020

Mysterium – now on uniswap 🦄

Mysterium Network is fast approaching its launch on mainnet. This exciting event will allow all users to pay for privacy services using our native MYST token, which has not had…
八月 31, 2020

Mysterium Network begins token migration

Mysterium Network begins its official token migration today, 31st August 2020. This will be a 1:1 token migration, so no new tokens will be created. Legacy tokens will not be…
八月 31, 2020

MYST token migration guide

Migrating a token is simply to upgrade the smart contract of that token. In the case of Mysterium, we are upgrading legacy MYST (pure ERC20) to new MYST (ERC20 with…
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八月 27, 2020

High Ethereum transaction fees, and what that means for Mysterium Network

As we all know the market is changing. The DeFi bubble has led to insane Ethereum transaction fees.  But it isn’t just decentralized exchanges that are being hit by this…
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八月 20, 2020

What is the Web 3.0?

Will all technology eventually become obsolete, replaced or abandoned? Or are some things so deeply rooted in our world that they can only evolve, just as we do?  It’s hard…
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八月 13, 2020

Building on the bleeding edge

As the Head of Product of Mysterium Network, I am charged with everything from driving micropayments research to delivery of working applications on Android, Windows and Mac. A regular VPN…
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七月 13, 2020

Mysterium Network Pre-Mainnet AMA

ICYMI... We put some Mysterium faces front and center for a pre-launch AMA special. Answering all your questions was founder Robertas, product owner Jaro and head of marketing Sharmini.  We…
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七月 6, 2020

MYST, migration and mainnet – what you need to know

Update: 13/08/2020 - See the following blog post to see how our token migration and launch processes are changing.   ** We are fast approaching the official launch of Mysterium…
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七月 6, 2020

The Launch of Mysterium Network

Update: 13/08/2020 - See the following blog post to see how our token migration and launch processes are changing.   *** We are fast approaching the official launch of Mysterium…
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六月 26, 2020

What is a peer-to-peer network?

For centuries, human connection has never been a simple equation. 1+1 often equals 3, sometimes more. We had messengers who carried sealed letters, phone operators who connected our calls, and…
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六月 9, 2020

Mysterium Node Runner settles claim in Germany

Permissionless networks come with regulatory grey zones. This is known. We are here to change an existing system.  Mysterium Network is building an incentivised, permissionless network. When we first came…
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六月 8, 2020

Mysterium Network May 2020 Product Update

Mysterium Network is building a decentralised VPN. Our global network is open, permissionless and distributed. Last year we focused on finetuning our node software, and understanding dynamics in incentivised networks.…
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六月 2, 2020

Introducing our decentralized VPN for Mac 🎉

This means anyone with a Mac computer or macbook can use the Mysterium dVPN to power an anonymous and uncensored web experience - all while rebuilding the web from the…
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五月 13, 2020

Mysterium Network 2020 Q1 round up

Mysterium is building a decentralised VPN. What is a VPN? And how is a dVPN different? Find out more. Related: What is internet censorship?  The last quarter for Mysterium Network…
Cornerstonedecentralised vpnmysterium node
四月 24, 2020

What does a VPN do for anonymity in the surveillance era?

It is an interesting time in history to delve into the value of anonymity (and privacy). With a pandemic rampantly spreading through the world, we are seeing thoughtless relinquishing of…
VPN vs TorCornerstonedecentralised vpndevelopersgeoblocking
四月 15, 2020

VPN vs Tor — which is better?

The internet was not built to be private and secure by default. This means no matter what you do online, there's always some new malware or cybercriminal trying to get…
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三月 26, 2020

Bernd Lapp on how to earn crypto by selling unused bandwidth via AVADO

This is a guest post by our partners over at Avado.  Two months ago I started to run a package on my AVADO Blockchain Computer called Mysterium Network. This package…
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三月 22, 2020

Top 5 online hackathons; cure your quarantine boredom with bounties

As more and more of the world makes a pact to #StayTheFHome this COVID19 season, all planned conferences, meetups and hackathons are adapting their events for the online domain.  So…
best cybersecurity tipsdecentralised vpnmysterium node
三月 4, 2020

Best cybersecurity tips and tricks for a new digital decade

In a time when cyberattacks have reached an all-time high, it’s best we all clean up our act and give ourselves a good cyberscrub. So here are some cybersecurity tips…
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二月 26, 2020

Opensource VPN partnership alert 🚨🎉 Portals builds on Mysterium Network

We’re excited to announce the first project building on Mysterium Network! Mysterium Network is building a decentralised VPN, but we are also fundamentally an open source VPN.  Portals has built…
decentralised vpnmysterium nodeupdates
二月 11, 2020

March 2020 updates – How to sell internet bandwidth

Mysterium Network is building a decentralised VPN. If you're wondering how to sell internet bandwidth and earn crypto, check out our definitive guide to becoming a Mysterium Node. Before we…
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二月 7, 2020

The coronavirus cover-up: A closer look at internet censorship in China

I am writing this in transit between Helsinki and Vilnius. I’ve got a mask on, and it’s uncomfortable. But I shouldn’t complain - the mask itself was a godsend -…
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一月 29, 2020

A strategic look into how networks are built

Mysterium Network was started with a purpose. That purpose was and continues to be: create a network that ensures surveillance-free communication and access to the internet for all. How to…
Cornerstonedecentralised vpnmysterium node
一月 27, 2020

Ecoin and the rise of corporate cryptocurrency: Did Mr Robot get it right?

The internet’s favourite fictional Robin Hood (Elliot Alderson) - the guy who showed us why to use a VPN, has finally hung up his hoodie, forcing us to return to…
dvpn comparisondecentralised vpndevelopersmysterium nodepayments
一月 6, 2020

Decentralised VPN (dVPN) Comparison 2020

The following is a continually dVPN comparison is a resource tracking the differences between emerging decentralised virtual privacy networks in the market. Last updated: 19 May 2020 If you would…