Decentralized VPN

powered by Blockchain

Open Sourced Network allowing anyone to rent
their unused Network traffic, while providing
a secure connection for those in need.

01. About

Mysterium foundation is developing Mysterium Network – an Open source software, powering a Decentralized Network of VPN Nodes.

Mysterium Network acts as a marketplace, its Open Source software allows anyone to join the network both as a provider – selling unused network traffic or as a customer –  buying VPN service from other Mysterium Network providers.

Mysterium Network is based on a complex architecture revolving around P2P, Blockchain, Smart Contracts, State Channels, etc.. Read our WHITEPAPER for a detailed description on how the protocol will enable the creation of completely decentralized VPN network, powered by decentralized micro payments.

02. Quest to reclaim our privacy

03. Centralized vs Decentralized


  • Focus on Shareholder benefit
  • Your private data in one hands
  • Simplified access to your data for 3’rd parties
  • High profit margins


  • Focus on Network participant benefits
  • Your Private data is Decentralized
  • Obstructed access of your data for 3’rd parties
  • Perfect competition sets fair price

04. Values


Infinitely Scalable, built using P2P architecture. Without single point of failure – no central company or server.

Open Source

All source code is always visible, empowering contributions and 100% transparency.

Designed for Privacy

Powerful encryption, Node Reputation, Layered Protection Protocols, etc.. All working to help you safely and privately participate in the Network.

05. Global VPN market

GOVERNMENT. As more of our life starts to rely on the internet – ever growing levels of invasion into our privacy is conducted by our own Governments, followed by growth in awareness.
WEST IS JOINING. Western countries are catching up with VPN solutions. Historically VPN has been mostly used in Eastern countries. Due to numerous recent changes in policies – growing number of people and companies residing in Western countries are seeking for Internet privacy solutions.
CYBER THREATS. Awareness grows, as every year a number of cyber-attacks is increasing and thus – the the need for countermeasures. Investment levels into protecting privacy is on a constant growth from both Corporate and Private sectors.
FREELANCE ON THE RISE. Having a safe connection to corporate servers becomes a must, however, for SME’s creating their own VPN solution is a cost related challenge. Many seek “out of the box” VPN solutions.

06. Roadmap

07. Mentioned on

08. Team & Advisors

Robertas Visinskis
Paulius Mozuras
Co-Founder, Smart Contract and Python developer
Valdas Petrulis
Co-Founder & Lead Software Engineer
Vitas Civilis
Jack of all Trades and Software Engineer
Šarūnas Savickas
Visual Communication
Marta Kuzmickaitė
People Operations & Communications
Ramūnas Norvaišas
Product Manager
Ignas Bernotas
Software Engineer
Tadas Valiukas
Software Engineer
Andrej Novikov
Software Engineer
Antanas Masevicius
Networking Engineer
Ričardas Pocius
Technical Advisor
Andrius Zygmanta
Product Manager
Donatas Kučinskas
Software Engineer
Gitanas Kancerevycius
Strategy & Business development
Jaime Chacon
Community Manager
Josh Lee
Community Manager

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