The Internet, reborn.

Powered by you,

enjoyed by the world.

Rent your bandwidth and earn. Together we are building the world’s largest peer to peer network to power the web.

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Mysterium dVPN

Your free digital passport to the World Wide Web. With our VPN you can unblock, stream and download content anonymously – anywhere, anytime.

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Why Mysterium Network?

Help us rewire the internet so it’s faster, safer and more accessible for all.

Dimitri in Russia is trying to access content from his favourite US YouTube influencer.

In the current system,

we don’t own our internet

When we own the internet, Dimitri in Russia, will be able to hop his traffic to Sarah in the US before it reaches the final destination, uncensoring the world for everyone.

The internet – powered by you,

enjoyed by the world.


The devil is in the metadata. We keep you invisible, keeping your identity and personal details hidden so you completely bypass all kinds of unethical snooping and surveillance.


Data breaches, hacks, phishing, scams – we protect you against these threats with fast, encrypted internet security made for both individuals and organizations.


Firewalls, geo-blocks and censorship erode democracy and freedom of expression. Our network is blind to borders, so the WWW becomes truly world wide.

About Mysterium

Open source from day one, our technology is built on principles of transparency and freedom. Our decentralized infrastructure is made up of layered VPN protocols, blockchain and smart contracts. It lays the groundwork for all kinds of world-first services to be built on top of it.


Become a Mysterium Node and earn while you sleep.

Most of the internet you pay for goes to waste, sitting idle or completely unused. Become a node and you can share your spare bandwidth with a global community, spreading the value of your connection to those who need it. All you need is a stable connection and our easy to use app, so you can be in sleep mode while your computer works for you.