Mysterium Network Presale

Attention: Presale has started on 12 GMT of 16’th of December and ended in first 15 hours.
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I. Introduction: Decentralized VPN

Airbnb for Underused Network traffic

Security and Privacy is a growing issue in Europe, China and all over the world. Today as never before – lack of privacy is abused by those in power as shown by Edward Snowden. VPN (Virtual Private Network) is generally a great solution to this problem, it allows us to encrypt our connection to the Internet via a secure private tunnel through a remote server. Even if VPN is securing 100% of all our internet traffic, it still does not guarantee your safety, because it all happens behind few closed doors.

Let’s fix that by building a new generation VPN service. 


Infinitely Scalable, built using P2P architecture. Without single point of failure – no central company or server.

Open Source

All source code is always visible, empowering contributions and 100% transparency.

Designed for Anonymity

Powerful encryption, Node and User Reputation, Layered Protection Protocols, etc.. All working to help you safely and anonymously connect to Internet or run a node.

Infrastructure as a Service

Mysterium Network will function as a back-end, providing any interested party with network of connected VPN proxies to use them in creation of their services.

Mysterium Features

Core technology will be focused on Security and Anonymity

Meet The Team

People who will keep on going, no matter what

Robertas Visinskis

CEO, founder.
Medium profile

Paulius Mozuras

Lead Ethereum Developer, co-founder
Linked-in profile

Vidūnas Gedeikis

Lead Software Developer, co-founder.


People who know things and are willing to help us on our path.

Kasparas Rudokas

AI, big data & scalability guru. Kasparas knows AIs mind.


Master of the Networks. He is designing and building networks since forever..


UI and UX – are not just meaningless phrases for him. He dreams of better UX and ways to achieve it. And is very willing to help us with it.