VPN powered

by Blockchain

Open Sourced Network allowing
anyone to rent their unused
Network traffic, while providing
a secure connection for those in need.
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01. About

Mysterium foundation is developing Mysterium Network – an Open source software, powering a Decentralized Network of VPN Nodes.

Mysterium Network acts as a marketplace, its Open Source software allows anyone to join the network both as a provider – selling unused network traffic or as a customer –  buying VPN service from other Mysterium Network providers.

Mysterium Network is based on a complex architecture revolving around P2P, Blockchain, Smart Contracts, State Channels, etc.. Read our WhitePaper (to be released soon) for a detailed description on how the protocol will enable the creation of completely decentralized VPN network, powered by anonymous yet decentralized MicroPayments.

02. Centralized vs Decentralized


  • Focus on Shareholder benefit
  • Your private data in one hands
  • Simplified access to your data for 3’rd parties
  • High profit margins


  • Focus on Network participant benefits
  • Your Private data is Decentralized
  • Obstructed access of your data for 3’rd parties
  • Perfect competition sets fair price

03. Values


Infinitely Scalable, built using P2P architecture. Without single point of failure – no central company or server.

Open Source

All source code is always visible, empowering contributions and 100% transparency.

Designed for Anonymity

Powerful encryption, Node Reputation, Layered Protection Protocols, etc.. All working to help you safely and privately participate in the Network.

04. Market Opportunity

GOVERNMENT. As more of our life starts to rely on the internet – ever growing levels of invasion into our privacy is conducted by our own Governments, followed by growth in awareness.
WEST IS JOINING. Western countries are catching up with VPN solutions. Historically VPN has been mostly used in Eastern countries. Due to numerous recent changes in policies – growing number of people and companies residing in Western countries are seeking for Internet privacy solutions.
CYBER THREATS. Awareness grows, as every year a number of cyber-attacks is increasing and thus – the the need for countermeasures. Investment levels into protecting privacy is on a constant growth from both Corporate and Private sectors.
FREELANCE ON THE RISE. Having a safe connection to corporate servers becomes a must, however, for SME’s creating their own VPN solution is a cost related challenge. Many seek “out of the box” VPN solutions.

05. Timeline

We are here!

06. Team

Robertas Visinskis

Advocate of Decentralization, Sharing Economy and Empowerment, impatient against injustice and non-level playing field. Years of experience in IT with projects ranging from startups to governmental projects. Most past experience focused towards building great team and product.

Paulius Mozuras
Co-Founder, Smart Contract and Python developer

Paulius is an early entrant into blockchain arena, learning and experimenting with the possibilities since 2014. Started enter more seriously in the spring of 2016 with Robertas, buiding DaoWorks – a decentralized tool handling Compensation for Work.

Valdas Petrulis
Co-Founder & Lead Golang Developer

Valdas is the wizard of the code like no other. He even spends his free time coding home robots with his children. He is designing architecture of our software and then taking hands on approach – building it himself.

Ričardas Pocius
Main Architect of the Protocol

Ričardas is the main architect of Mysterium Protocol, writing the core protocol elements into our whitepaper and performing needed proof of concept tests. Also he is not a new to blockchain, long before meeting us he programmed himself a Bitcoin node just using specifications, so he could better understand the technology.

Augustas Štaras
Business Development

Augustas has 10+ years experience in creating, growing & managing online and consumer businesses. He works in emerging digital finance industry and has co-founded peer-to-peer lending and investment platform.

Matt Green

Matt is the person not settling down until all legal elements are in place, placing great importance to attention to detail.

Šarūnas Savickas
Visual Communication

Explaining Decentralized VPN to my grandmother is a challenging task. And Šarūnas has a task to create visuals – explaining the concept to the whole world. He immersed himself into the concept, to breathe it, live it, understand it – then he started producing Visual art which started to resonate with the team instantly.

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