Reinventing privacy, security and freedom on the internet.

Mysterium Network is a fast and scalable transport security layer. Our mission is to build a P2P decentralised network using multi-hops, relays and an inbuilt micropayments tokenomic model.

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Key benefits

Open source

Open source

We’ve been open source from day one. All source code is visible, empowering contributions from our growing developer community.

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We are building an ecosystem focused on privacy using powerful encryption, reputation mechanisms, and layered protection protocols.

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Decentralised infrastructure, built with P2P architecture. No master nodes, no staking. We’re working towards no central servers by 2020.

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Help us build the privacy and security protocol of the future.

In a world where choice is exploding, freedom and human rights are being limited.

We are seeing a growing trend of censorship and manipulation of information, leading to oppression.

The current state of affairs is menacing to privacy rights, internet freedom and basic political liberty around the world.

Old centralised systems and technologies were not built with end-user security and privacy in mind. No matter who you are, every day of your life you are just a record in a database – ready to be tracked, looked at and exploited.

We cannot keep waiting for the system to self-correct.

Mysterium Network TestNet statistics

Where are we currently?

This is data from our test network.

On this network, we conduct tests to look at everything from bandwidth at scale, to our micropayment tokenomic infrastructure.

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All it takes is a Docker install, and you’ll be up and running.

We are building a network that we believe has the potential to re-engineer privacy, security and freedom on the internet.

Help us strengthen it.